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Pocket Hose
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Pocket hose a waste of $$! Busted a hole right away & now another & we only had it couple months & rarely use it! Very disappointed. Add comment

  • 15 hours ago
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The first time I saw the commercial on the "Pocket Hose"..I decided to buy one for my husband who was always having trouble with our regular hose on the kinking and curling..I thought this pocket hose was the answer. I bought the first one..and after about 2 months..it blew up. So they claimed they came out with a "state of the art" durable hose and I (Like an idoit) bought that one..and low and... Read more

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they advertise will not leak the one i bought has already done poped twice the hose is worthless i have found three problems they have lied about. i want my money back but icannot find anything on how to get my money back. Add comment

  • 18 hours ago
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  • Harrison, Tennessee
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It sounded like a 22 rifle going off. It does not lay in sun. Went to use it and bang it throwed water all over me. Will never buy another one. I have two other's on other side of house. They do just find. Had them about two months. You should test your product alot better. I bought the hoses at a store in our area. They were 50ft. I feel like I was ripped off. If you want people to buy them than... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
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  • Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • Pocket Hose 25 Ft
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I bought 25 ft pocket hose in May and I have been using it to water my plants. Yesterday I opened the water as usual and Boom...the hose exploded right on my face and I was in shock and suffocated and I got totally wet and it took me couple of minutes to realize what has happened and I had to run to the main water inlet to turn water off. I am very upset and dissatisfied with this product. I... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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  • Arizona, United States
  • Defective Hose
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I used the Pocket Hose for less than a month & it exploded. Worked good up until then. It is HOT in AZ but the hose was in the shade under the patio. I bought it at CVS; think the company should have a warranty. This *** website is making me put in one hundred words which I also think is ridiculous if you can say what you need to in less the time; so, mad mad mad mad mad mad mad mad... Read more

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Used the hose a few times then a leak formed. I took it back to Dollar General while I bought it. They said I would have to have the box or a receipt. Of course I have neither. Can these hose be repair. Disappointed in quality. Add comment

  • Aug 17
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  • Pekin, Illinois
  • Pocket Hose 50 Foot
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I purchased one of your pocket hoses. Have used it for several months. While using it yesterday(8/16/14) it burst. I would like to know the warranty on this product and how to get it replaced or refunded. I purchased it at CVS in Pekin,IL. I was satisfied with the product until this last month. I noticed a bulge in the hose within the last two weeks. This prduct has not been abused or... Read more

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  • Aug 16
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First pocket hose we used it 1 time the second time it leaked at the connections. Second pocket hose leaked right out of the package. Third pocket hose busted during the second use. This seems like a really good product at first. I am very disappointed. I thought the first one was my fault. I had it near a sago palm. When the next 2 leaked, now I believe that is product is defective and... Read more

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  • Aug 16
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  • Springfield, Missouri
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Pocket Hose - Review from Springfield, Missouri
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I turned on the water and the hose exploded!! Read more

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