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Pocket Hose
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  • 1 day ago
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  • Huntington Beach, California
  • Pocket Hose Leak
  • 7

My pocket hose was kept in a storage closet. I would use it to water my grass three times a week. The second month I had this hose it sprang a BAD leak.. Unfortunately I did not keep the receipt due to the fact that the advertisements states that they NEVER leak... YEA RIGHT!!!! I would really like to get another pocket hose. I think that maybe the one that I purchased was faulty. I... Read more

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  • Oct 11
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  • Paramount, California
  • Defective Pocket Hose
  • 63

Used twice, in the middle of washing my car it split wide open. I have only 50 lbs of water pressure, so that wasn't the problem. Took back to Walgrens where I bought it. Even though I had the receipt, the store refused to refund or replace. CAUTION: apparently when you buy something with a lifetime warrantee at Walgreens, a lifetime is only 30 days. Even with receipt Walgreens refused to... Read more

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Here are the pictures of the hose that busted and the container it came in. It was a 50 foot. Add comment


  • Sep 30
  • Products
  • Torrance, California
  • Exploded Pocket Hose
  • 46

Hose blew off the connector that screws into the hand sprayer. I used it just 4 times. it looks like the hose fitting into the metal end is poorly constructed. I have noticed that the tv commercial shows the person always holding the hose with both hands...on the sprayer and the other just behind it on the hose. it seems to me this is an inherent flaw that the manufacturer is not disclosing. I... Read more

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Had Pocket hose about 2 weeks forgot and left water on gone for nine hours came back in the hose it busted and water was everywhere no telling what my water bill is going to be Add comment


  • Sep 28
  • Products
  • Pocket Hose Bust
  • 54

I didn't use the hose but maybe 3 times, and I really liked it at first. I was washing my truck, and all of a sudden two leaks were in the hose about mid-way. Now it is useless. I would not recommend this hose to anyone. At the very least it should be replaced or I should get my money back. I bought it at Walmart I am very dissatisfied with this product. What more can be say with such a bad... Read more

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  • Sep 27
  • Products
  • Perry, Oklahoma
  • Defective Pocket Hose
  • 50

I've purchased 3 pocket hoses in the last year. (1) 25' and (2) 50' The first to go was the 25'. Hose blew off the connector that screws into the faucet. Today while washing my truck there was a loud "pop" and water started spewing like a geyser from a long split half way down the 50' hose. Perhaps like others have said that the outer fabric is weak and allows the tubing to push thru it and... Read more

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Only used about 5 min. while watering a flower in a pot. It exploded about 3 ft. long split. I have two I haven't used yet, but I will buy not anymore. Add comment


  • Sep 26
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  • Burst Pocket Hose
  • 40

Have used this hose less than a dozen times and was watering this week when all of a sudden within 30seconds I heard a ripping noise, looked at the hose and saw fabric tearing and a 15cm bubble then pop. $50 spent, what a waste . Not happy that money is in your pocket, this is daylight robbery. I purchased mine from target but they can not refund because I no longer have my receipt. I would... Read more

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wartering my yard, all of a sudden a hole in my hose. send me a replacement right. away! 310 699 4401. shawn green. Add comment

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